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Co-Creation-Platform 2016

Verlagsgruppe Oetinger

The fact that everyone in the digital age can become not only an author, but also a publisher, puts traditional publishers under quite some pressure. Unless they turn this fact to their advantage – as provider of a smart infrastructure.


Corporate Design
UX Design
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Based on this idea, an Oetinger Group company focusing on digital innovation created – a publishing platform that brings together storytelling talents, illustrators and publishers.

The mechanics behind it: authors and illustrators can create an account, they can network, collaborate, launch projects and be discovered by the publishing scouts while doing so. At the same time, the publishers can invite tenders for pitches to find talent. The community accompanies the co-creation process, gives feedback to the artists and thereby an indication as to which titles work to the publishers.

For the brand appearance and concept of the platform, it was important to reconcile the passion for good stories with stringent demands toward functionality and usability for a wide variety of user groups.


Writing, illustrating, networking and consuming, very simply in the browser, on any device. This combination is what makes the storyWUNDER.

How does co-creation work exactly? Text and illustration in the editor merge to become a book idea, which may well be available in printed form on the market soon.

Many ways of accessing good stories. The contributions are pooled according to different parameters for the community.

Profile page

A platform for everyone and a stage for each individual. On the profile page, the users present themselves and their works. Here, the publishers can make direct, project-related contact.

Project page

The control centre of
each project. The work is
coordinated, administered
and published from here.

The details section gives a quick and fact-oriented overview of the individual project.

The list of members shows the people involved, their areas of expertise, where they are based and more. The user can make direct contact here, e.g. to recruit partners for his or her own project.

Live feedback: published projects and approved reading samples are discussed in the community and can be evaluated by the individual users.

The gallery assembles the elements approved for the community.

The project manager determines whether the contents may only be viewed, modified or also downloaded. In addition, the project members can upload their artwork, which is then available in the editor.

Co-creation requires maximum transparency. This is why we introduced a status overview, which documents all activities and changes within a project.


In the machine room, the
text layout editor works
responsively on all re-
solutions. People work
here; they work together.
At the end, a printable
work can be played out
of the browser without
any additional software

Corporate Design

From scratch to Sketch