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Packaging Design 2018


Why should I turn to REWE Bio, REWE’s own-label organic brand? Good packaging design answers this question without it even needing to be asked. It relies on lessons learnt and inspires with novelty, gives fresh impetus and appeals to our autopilot who places the package in the shopping cart before we can even spell ALDI.


Packaging Design Concept
Style Guide

REWE Bio is one of the most successful brands in its segment. For this to remain the case, Germany’s second-largest food retailer decided to modernise the packaging design first implemented in 2008 and by doing so make the whole brand appearance viable for the future.

Customers are to make a stronger reference to the umbrella brand (“dein Markt”). At the same time, the goal was to carve out a more distinct profile of the organic home brand and to translate it into a specific design language.

The challenge: strong forces are at play in the food market. Many trends – vegan, regional, “free of …”, etc. – compete with organic foods, on store shelves, in communication, in design codes. At the same time, organic foods are now mainstream, well-received also in discount stores, with high marketing pressure.


One of eight REWE own-label food brands
Organic expertise since 1988 (Füllhorn)
Over 450 products across all product groups (as at 2018)

Our advantage: REWE’s product concept leaves the bland uniformity of green food retailing lagging far behind. This is because REWE Bio is a different type of organic food, better than legally prescribed – with many Naturland certifications, with short lists of ingredients, without artificial additives and increasingly without added flavouring.

This REWE quality standard is told by means of a packaging design whose key ingredients include clarity in structure, great care to detail and a high-quality photographic concept.


One of eight REWE own-label food brands
Organic expertise since 1988 (Füllhorn)
Over 450 products across all product groups (as at 2018)

The new REWE Bio: lively, lovely, perfectly imperfect.

Mythical nearly. A dark undertone contrasts with the radiance from the product. In the styling, naturalness unites with pleasure in good nutrition. My kitchen, my REWE Bio.

The label brings together the most important text information, places a clear focus and provides lots of space for an enjoyable product presentation.

The combination ensures a high-contrast typeface. At the same time, every type has its own task.

In addition to photographs, illustrations can also be used, for example to differentiate between product range pillars.



Regulated down to the last detail. The style guide forms the basis for the implementation of our concept across the entire line of goods with over 450 products.