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Cross channel activation

NIVEA social media

The Medium is the Message (Marshall McLuhan). In other words: digital brand management is successful if it acts consistently in line with the specific logic of each channel. The cooperation since 2016 shows what this means for NIVEA and how potential in digital space is capitalised on.


Editorial and Monitoring (FAKTOR 3)
Art Direction
Photo Shoot (Picture Posts)
Magazine (Concept, Layout, Production)

The icon amongst the global care and beauty brands has reinvented itself particularly in social media. It reaches new, significantly younger target groups here and can sustainably boost the brand value “proximity” with interactive formats.

With our colleagues at FAKTOR 3, we deliver the “Blue Content Team”, consisting of editors, social media strategists and designers. With the Beiersdorf digital experts, we develop subjects, adapt trends and react adeptly to the changing codes in each channel.

As a result, users become followers, fans, ambassadors and customers – and NIVEA is awarded as the most digital player in the sector (“Digital Genius 2018”).

Present in day-to-day digital life
Activation on Facebook

What is relevant NIVEA content and which kind of presentation meets each channel’s requirements best? For Facebook, the “Blue Content Team” has conceived a lifestyle cosmos that includes everything to do with nutrition, health, beauty, hair and skincare.

Most posts are meant to get people involved and spur them into action – with hacks, games, inspirationals, surveys or promotions. As mobile use is highly dominant, we increasingly rely on formats such as press & hold, panorama or 360°.

Lifestyle as trademark
Inspiration on Instagram

One world, one look, one lifestyle as digital trademark: fresh, colourful, modern.

Consistency as well as variability are the requirements for our NIVEA Instagram communication, which presents itself to its users in a new way on an almost daily basis and which we produce in-house in the “Blue Content Team” from concept to styling, photography and post-production.

In each platform update, we also see the opportunity to rethink and vary content and photo style for the brand.

With Instagram stories about events, DIY tutorials or unboxing moments, we get more user feedback and therefore understand better: what exactly inspires and interests our target group in this channel?

Ergebnis permanenter Optimierung und lebendiger Markenerscheinung.


NIVEA Instagram Follower


more likes
(2018 vs 2017)


bigger content reach
(2018 vs 2017)

The NIVEA magazine

Another target group, another sound and still 100% NIVEA. The magazine FÜR MICH (“FOR ME”) is understood as the “best friend” of its 500,000 readers. Here, classical magazine content merges with our social media topics.

Look & feel

FAKTOR 3 develops the magazine in terms of content. We are responsible for the visual concept, layout and production. FÜR MICH is published three times a year, both in printed form and as an online magazine.