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To market, to market

NIVEA campaigns

We frequently accompany market launches for NIVEA products. Every time, a new world with its own tonality surfaces, as does a specific portrayal of the respective benefit.


Art Direction
Photo Shoot

As important as the visual story in itself is the conceptual connection of all measures on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Which ads have a high reach, which posts get people involved? How can we spur people to take additional action with campaigns and promotions? Which influencers reinforce our communication?

NIVEA Campagin Content
NIVEA Sensual
Less blue, plenty of NIVEA

Fragrant oil combinations make skincare with NIVEA Sensual a palpable experience. We translate this positioning with a stylised me-moment in a flat lay look, which for the first time also includes people here.

The brand colour is deliberately held back. A new range of colours is therefore able to surface, which we use to take up the different Sensual ingredients. A reduced look brings out personal details and shows each motif as part of the Sensual story.

NIVEA Campagin Content Sensual XXL
Multi-canal campaign

The campaign is told on, Facebook and Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. For the first time, we also used Pinterest and added an inspiring colour and lifestyle world around each fragrance.

Micelle cleaning wipes
Limited edition, unlimited Design

For a packaging edition, NIVEA cooperates with the lifestyle art shop JUNIQE – platform for “affordable art” and home turf for the young target group. Our task: communication in social media and promotion of further action.

The posts with their graphic elements were so successful that we adopted the look later for the whole Instagram communication of the umbrella brand.

NIVEA Campagin Content 02
The campaign as a campaign

NIVEA presents shower gels and deodorants in a limited edition exclusively for the drugstore chain DM. Together with Faktor 3, we accompanied the launch, amongst other things by making the photo shoot itself the subject of our communication – with a special guest and a great deal of additional reach.

Blogger Lena from Consider Cologne accompanied us over the course of the day, assisted us and consistently produced her own content in the studio, which resonates not only with fans in her own channels, but also in those of NIVEA and DM.

Further campaigns

No beauty brand communicates in social media as animatedly, as varied and in such detail.

NIVEA Campagin Content 03

Every product tells its own story. Essential, in addition to the basic idea: affectionate and well-conceived styling.