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Launch campaign 2016


Touch makes us feel that we are not alone in the world. For our emotional development therefore, nothing is as important as skin contact from the first moment on. This is precisely the idea behind our communicative positioning for the launch of NIVEA Baby on the German market.


Concept and editorial (with FAKTOR 3)
Art Direction
Film Shoot
Photo Shoot

The meaning of touch is at the core of a whole range of topics for our communication. Why is it essential for my baby (bonding)? What happens on a metabolic physiology basis (release of oxytocin)? What do I need to know about breast-feeding? How do I nurture the skin of a baby and small child?

Diverse content relating to this and other questions underpins NIVEA’s skin expertise, consistently links it with the information needs of the parents and thereby creates long-term relevance. On a website, in social media, in the NIVEA magazine.

Showtime. Baby care rocks.

And sometimes pictures come about in a shoot that no person could ever script.