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Event Design 2016

Digital Marketing Academy

How does the digital psyche work? How can I gain a competitive edge from data? What does “cross-channel” mean, apart from bullshit bingo?


UX Concept
Screen Design
Event Brand Design
On-Screen Film Design

Accompanying the DMEXCO 16, our colleagues from FAKTOR 3 created the concept for the Adobe Digital Marketing Academy and executed the idea. On each day of the exhibition, the Academy Platform featured a live talk by a renowned expert, followed by a chat. In additional sessions, the topics from the talks were brought together with the possibilities offered by the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Our challenge: to create a face for the academy. Digital, actionist, loud, serious and always Adobe.

The Academy
Teaser Cards

What’s next? Within the live stream we had different teasers providing information about further contents.


Also within the we accompanied the event, with teasers and comprehensive subpages for each lecture.

Content on Demand

After the event, each lecture from the Adobe Marketing Academy was filed online. For individual selection by the user, we have designed a special topic filter.